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most expensive dishwasher

Most Expensive Dishwasher

Experience the Apex of Dishwashing Luxury: ZLINE Autograph Edition 24" Dishwasher Review



In the high-end segment of kitchen appliances, there exists a category that seeks to fulfil its designated functions and aims to revolutionize the user’s experience through innovative features and stunning design. The ZLINE Autograph Edition 24” Dishwasher certainly falls into this elite category, representing modernity, functionality, and elegance. Branded as the most expensive Dishwasher, it is an impressive piece of technology that marries aesthetics and performance, warranting a significant investment for those who seek the ultimate dishwashing solution.


Beyond its visually stunning exterior, the ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher encapsulates advanced features that make it an absolute powerhouse. From its ultra-quiet operation to the high capacity offered by the additional third Rack, this Dishwasher is designed for those who refuse to compromise on performance or style. It promises to deliver an unparalleled dishwashing experience, boasting an array of features tailor-made to cater to the needs of modern households.



The Dishwasher’s user-friendly interface and energy-efficient operation add another layer of convenience and sustainability. These traits are increasingly sought after in the realm of modern home appliances. So, as we delve deeper into our exploration of this extraordinary Dishwasher, prepare to discover why it rightfully holds its position as the most expensive Dishwasher and why its premium price tag is a worthy investment for your home.


The ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher is a powerhouse of features, all housed within a gorgeous, high-end design. Here, we will delve into the key features and specifications that make this model the most expensive Dishwasher and a worthwhile investment.


1.    Elegant Design: The ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher stands out with its stunning black stainless steel finish and exquisite gold handle. Its design marries modern aesthetics with luxury, ensuring it complements and enhances any kitchen decor.


2.    Third Rack: This Dishwasher boasts a third rack, a feature that offers additional loading capacity. This Rack is perfect for small items and flat kitchenware, like spatulas, spoons, and espresso cups, freeing up space in the lower racks.


3.    Top Touch Control: The Dishwasher allows easy programming with its user-friendly top touch controls. The Dishwasher has six wash cycles – Heavy, Normal, Eco, Glass, Quick, and Rinse – catering to various dishwashing needs.


4.    Quiet Operation: At 45dBa, the ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher is whisper quiet. This low noise level ensures a peaceful kitchen environment, even during the wash cycle.


5.    Stainless Steel Interior: The Dishwasher features a durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior. This material is easy to clean, does not absorb odours, and can withstand higher temperatures, ensuring a long lifespan.


6.    Large Capacity: With 14 place settings, this Dishwasher offers a generous capacity to handle the dishware of large gatherings or multiple meals.


7.    Energy-Efficient: Despite its high-end features, the Dishwasher is energy efficient, meeting the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency and low water usage.


8.    Delayed Start: The Dishwasher offers a delayed start feature that allows users to schedule the wash cycle anywhere between 1 to 24 hours, adding flexibility to their dishwashing routine.


9.    Dimensions: The Dishwasher measures 24 inches wide, fitting perfectly into the standard dishwasher space in most kitchens.


10. Sanitize Cycle: This Dishwasher has a sanitized cycle that uses high-temperature water to kill germs and bacteria, ensuring a safe and healthy dishwashing solution.


These features make the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher not just an appliance but a comprehensive solution for all your dishwashing needs, packaged in an attractive, high-end design.


Customer Reviews and User Experience

The ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher has strongly impacted its users, judging by the rave reviews it has received. Customers appreciate its top-tier performance and the high level of user convenience and luxury it offers.


One user said, “The third Rack is a game-changer! It’s perfect for long utensils and small espresso cups, freeing up space in the other racks.” This sentiment was echoed by other customers who loved the convenience and functionality offered by the 3rd Rack, finding that it genuinely improved their dishwashing routine.


The Top Touch Control was another feature that attracted a lot of praise. A customer mentioned, “I love how straightforward the touch control panel is. Even my technophobe grandma can operate it without any issues.” Others found the touch controls intuitive and easy to use, appreciating that they could choose their preferred settings without hassle.



The most notable feature, by far, was the quiet operation. A customer shared, “This Dishwasher is incredibly quiet. Even standing next to it, I can hardly hear it running.” This whisper-quiet operation was highlighted by several users who cherished the peace and tranquillity in their kitchen, even while the Dishwasher was running a heavy load.


The Dishwasher’s striking black stainless steel design, coupled with a gold handle, also garnered a lot of admiration. Customers expressed how this luxurious Dishwasher transformed their kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. A user mentioned, “This Dishwasher is the star of my kitchen. It’s more than an appliance; it’s a piece of art that adds a touch of elegance to my space.”


While users have acknowledged the high price point of this Dishwasher, the sentiment leans towards seeing it as a worthwhile investment. As one user said, “Yes, it’s the most expensive dishwasher I’ve ever bought, but every dollar was worth it for the quality, performance, and style it brings.”


These user experiences and customer reviews underline that the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher delivers what it promises – a superior, luxury dishwashing experience.

  • Luxury design with black stainless steel and gold handle
  • Increased capacity with the third Rack
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Energy Star rated for eco-friendliness
  • Top touch control for easy use
  • High-end price point                                                                                                                                                                                                          


The ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher offers six wash cycles, including Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse, Rapid, and Intense, allowing you to customize the wash according to your dish load.

Yes, the ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher is Energy Star rated. This means it meets strict guidelines for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher operates at a noise level of 45dBa, making it incredibly quiet. This feature allows you to run the Dishwasher anytime without disturbing a peaceful home environment.

The ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher can accommodate up to 16 place settings, making it suitable for large families or those who frequently host guests.

Apart from its stunning black stainless steel finish and gold handle, the ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher stands out for its innovative features, such as the 3rd Rack for additional space, Top Touch Control for easy operation, and Tall Tub Design to accommodate larger dishes and utensils. Its quiet operation and energy efficiency are notable attributes that set it apart.

Yes, the ZLINE Autograph Edition dishwasher comes with a warranty. However, the specific terms and duration of the warranty may vary, and it is best to check this information with the retailer or directly with ZLINE.


In conclusion, the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher is a standout piece in the high-end appliance market. It combines state-of-the-art features, elegant design, and exceptional performance, reinforcing why it deserves its spot as the most expensive Dishwasher.


Its sophisticated black stainless steel exterior, complemented by the gold handle, will infuse your kitchen with grandeur. This Dishwasher is more than a practical appliance – it’s a luxurious addition that enhances your space’s aesthetics, making dishwashing a stylish affair.


From its expansive 14-place setting capacity and useful third Rack to its whisper-quiet operation and intuitive top-touch controls, this Dishwasher truly encapsulates what it means to combine utility with luxury. The impressive six wash cycles, including the eco-friendly and sanitized modes and its Energy Star certification, reflect the manufacturer’s commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising the appliance’s efficiency or performance.


The delayed start feature further underlines the ZLINE dishwasher’s focus on user convenience, allowing flexibility in scheduling wash cycles. Plus, the sturdy, easy-to-clean stainless steel interior ensures the Dishwasher will serve your dishwashing needs for many years, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.


The user experiences, and reviews paint a compelling picture of satisfied customers who believe the Dishwasher is worth its high price point. If you are looking for an appliance that offers more than just functionality, brings a touch of luxury to everyday tasks, and ensures a high-performance, quiet, and efficient dishwashing experience, the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher is an investment you won’t regret.


In the realm of dishwashing, it’s not just about cleaning dishes any more. It’s about how that process integrates with your lifestyle, home decor, and environmental consciousness. This ZLINE dishwasher embodies these modern requirements, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the best home appliances.


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