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mini counter top freezer

Mini Counter Top Freezer

Experience Exceptional Cooling with the Watoor Mini Counter Top Freezer: Your Go-To Beverage and Dessert Companion


The search can be daunting when it comes to finding the ideal mini countertop freezer. But your search ends with the Watoor 1.1 Cu Ft Mini Freezer Display Freezer. This compact yet potent freezer is a treasure trove of features that sets it apart in the market, making it the perfect choice for maintaining the ideal temperature for your beverages and desserts.

The Watoor Mini Counter Top Freezer boasts an impressive 1.1 cubic feet capacity. This, combined with two removable shelves, provides ample room for your storage needs. Whether planning a party or just needing a refreshing cold drink after a long day at work, this mini freezer ensures your needs are met.

One of the unique features of this freezer is the LED light. This addition is aesthetically pleasing, illuminating your kitchen counter, and functional. It enables you to locate your items even in dimly lit conditions easily.

User-friendliness is at the core of the Watoor Mini Counter Top Freezer. It has seven temperature settings, ranging from -8°F to 14°F. This broad range ensures you can customize the temperature to suit the needs of whatever you’re storing. This mini freezer guarantees optimal serving temperatures, from liquors that need a certain chill to ice creams that require a certain degree of frost.



Compact Size

One of the main features of the Watoor 1.1 Cu Ft Mini Freezer that catches the eye is its compact size. This mini freezer is designed to fit comfortably on your counter without taking up too much space. It’s perfect for those with limited space but still wants the convenience of a freezer at their fingertips.


LED Light

Another notable feature is the LED light that illuminates the freezer’s interior. This is not just a stylish addition but also a practical one. The LED light lets you easily see what’s inside your freezer, even in low-light conditions. You won’t have to rummage in the dark to find your favourite ice cream or drink.


Removable Shelves

The Watoor Mini Freezer also comes with two removable shelves. This feature provides flexibility in arranging your items, allowing you to optimize the space according to your needs. You can easily adjust or remove the shelves to accommodate larger items.


Temperature Settings

One of the standout features of this mini freezer is the range of temperature settings. With seven options ranging from -8°F to 14°F, you can customize the temperature according to your storing items. This is particularly useful for liquor and ice cream, which require specific temperatures to maintain optimal taste and texture.


Perfect for Liquor and Ice Cream

The Watoor Mini Freezer is designed with the needs of beverage and dessert lovers in mind. The temperature range and compact size make it perfect for storing liquor and ice cream. You can easily reach for a chilled drink or a scoop of your favourite ice cream whenever possible.



The Watoor Mini Freezer offers 1.1 cubic feet of space. While it might not sound like much, it’s more than enough for your essential freezing needs. You can store a decent amount of beverages and ice cream, making it a perfect addition to your home or office.


LED Light

The mini freezer features an LED light that enhances visibility. Whether searching for your favourite drink in the middle of the night or looking for a dessert in a dimly lit room, the LED light ensures you can easily find what you need.


Removable Shelves

This mini freezer includes two removable shelves, offering flexibility in organizing items. You can adjust or remove the shelves to accommodate larger items or customize the space according to your needs.


Temperature Range

The Watoor Mini Freezer offers a temperature range of -8°F to 14°F. This broad range allows you to keep your items at the perfect temperature. Whether you’re storing ice cream or liquor, you can adjust the temperature to ensure they’re at the ideal serving temperature.




  • Compact design for easy placement
  • LED light for enhanced visibility
  • Seven temperature settings for versatile use
  • The capacity may be limited compared to standard-sized freezers                                                                                                              


It's compact with a 1.1 cubic feet capacity.

Yes, it includes an LED light for better visibility.


The Watoor 1.1 Cu Ft Mini Freezer Display Freezer is an ideal solution for all your cooling needs. This compact yet efficient appliance showcases an excellent blend of functionality and design. Its 1.1 cubic feet capacity, while small compared to full-sized freezers, is more than sufficient for personal or small-scale use. It can easily store your favourite beverages, ice creams, and more, making it a perfect addition to any home, office, or event.

The innovative design of the Watoor Mini Freezer includes an LED light that enhances visibility and adds an elegant touch to its aesthetics. This feature illuminates the inside of the freezer, making it easier to find your items in low-light conditions and adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen or bar area.

Another impressive aspect of this appliance is the two removable shelves. This provides flexibility and convenience in organizing your items according to your preferences. The shelves can be adjusted or removed entirely to accommodate larger items or better suit your storage needs.

Moreover, the seven temperature settings ranging from -8°F to 14°F are a testament to its versatility. This broad temperature range ensures you can keep your items at optimal temperatures. Whether you’re storing ice cream that must be held at a certain frostiness or liquor that requires a specific chill, this freezer ensures your items are maintained at the ideal serving temperature.

The Watoor 1.1 Cu Ft Mini Freezer Display Freezer is not just a cooling appliance but a personalized beverage and dessert station. It is the perfect companion for those who appreciate a chilled drink or a frosty dessert at their convenience. Investing in this mini freezer means investing in comfort, efficiency, and a touch of elegance for your cooling needs.

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