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frigidaire 30 electric range

Frigidaire 30 Electric Range

Unleash Your Culinary Potential with the Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30" Gallery Series Induction Range


Are you tired of struggling with outdated cooking appliances? It’s time to revolutionize your kitchen with the Frigidaire 30 Electric Range” Gallery Series Induction Range. This sleek and versatile electric range has innovative features like induction cooking, air frying capabilities, and self-cleaning options. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision cooking with Frigidaire’s cutting-edge technology. Let’s dive into the details and discover why this range is a game-changer for any culinary enthusiast.

Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30″ Gallery Series Induction Range: Unleashing Your Inner Chef. 

Efficient Induction Cooking: 

Say farewell to uneven heating and lengthy preheating times. With Frigidaire’s induction technology, this range offers precise and efficient cooking. The induction elements heat the cookware directly, ensuring rapid and even heat distribution. Experience faster boiling, simmering, and searing, saving valuable time in the kitchen. Plus, the power boost function delivers a surge of heat when needed most, perfect for boiling water in a flash or searing meats to perfection.

Air Fry for Healthier Crispy Delights: 

Love indulging in crispy and delicious foods? The Frigidaire FGIH3047VF has an air fry feature, allowing you to enjoy guilt-free favourites. You can achieve that delightful crunch without the excess oil by using powerful, superheated air. From golden fries to crispy chicken wings, this range lets you savour your favourite fried foods with fewer calories and less mess.

Ample Cooking Space and Self-Cleaning Convenience: With a spacious 5.4 cu. Ft. oven capacity, the Frigidaire FGIH3047VF provides ample room to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The oven features even baking technology, ensuring consistent results across all racks. Cleaning up after a culinary masterpiece is a breeze with the self-clean with clean steam option. Select the desired cleaning level, and the range will handle the rest, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

Sleek Design and ADA Compliant: 

The stainless steel finish of the Frigidaire FGIH3047VF adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. The gallery series design combines style with functionality, featuring easy-to-use controls and a smooth glass cooktop for effortless cleaning. Moreover, this range is ADA-compliant, making it accessible for all users and ensuring a seamless cooking experience for everyone.

  1. Smart Technology: The Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30” Gallery Series Induction Range offers smart technology, allowing you to connect and control your oven remotely using your smartphone. Stay in control of your cooking and receive alerts when your meal is ready.
  2. Air Fry Technology: Enjoy healthier fried foods with the Air Fry feature, which uses hot air circulation to achieve crispy results with less oil. Indulge in your favourite fried dishes guilt-free.
  3. Convention Cooking: The Convention+ feature combines true convection Featuring two convection fans for evenly dispersing heat, eliminating hot and cold spots. Experience efficient and precise cooking results every time.
  4. Ample Oven Capacity: With a spacious 5.4 cu. Ft. oven capacity, this range provides plenty of room for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. Ideal for hosting gatherings or preparing family meals.
  5. Front Control Slide-In Design: The sleek and stylish front control slide-in design seamlessly integrates with your kitchen decor, creating a polished and customized look. The front control panel ensures easy access and operation.
  6. Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel: The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish of the Frigidaire FGIH3047VF keeps your range looking clean and smudge-free, even with daily use. It adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Yes, induction cooking requires compatible magnetic cookware. Using a magnet, you can easily check if your existing cookware is compatible; if it sticks to the bottom, it will work with induction.

Absolutely! The versatile air fry feature can be used for various foods, including chicken tenders, vegetables, fish fillets, and desserts like doughnuts or apple fritters.

The self-clean cycle typically takes a few hours, depending on the selected cleaning level. The Frigidaire FGIH3047VF offers a clean steam option, which is quicker and requires less energy than traditional self-clean cycles.

  • Efficient induction cooking for precise and rapid results.
  • Air fry feature for healthier fried foods.
  • Ample oven capacity and even baking technology.
  • Self-clean with a clean steam option for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Sleek design and ADA compliance.
  • Induction cooking requires compatible cookware.                                                                                                      
  • Initial investment costs may be higher compared to traditional electric ranges.                                                                                                                                                                                       

The Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30″ Gallery Series Induction Range combines innovation, versatility, and style to elevate your cooking experience. From the precision of induction cooking to the healthier indulgence of air frying, this range offers a multitude of features that will revolutionize the way you cook. Its spacious oven, self-cleaning capabilities, and ADA compliance cater to both functionality and accessibility. Upgrade your kitchen today and unleash your culinary potential with the Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30″ Gallery Series Induction Range.

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