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Extra Large Dishwasher

Experience the Extra Large Dishwasher Luxury: The ZLINE Autograph Edition 24" Dishwasher with 3rd Rack Review


Home care has never been more efficient or luxurious thanks to the innovation of ZLINE and their 3rd Rack Top Control Tall Tub Dishwasher Autograph Edition 24″ White Matte with Gold Handle, a revolutionary extra large dishwasher boasting a unique blend of technology and elegance.


ZLINE Autograph Edition Dishwasher: An Introduction

For many homeowners, the kitchen stands as the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared, family time is shared, and memories are made. But, let’s face it, cleaning up afterward isn’t the most enjoyable part. What if a solution could make this task effortless, efficient and even add a touch of luxury to your kitchen?


Enter the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Tall Tub Dishwasher with Third Rack, Top Control, and Gold Handle. This extra-large Dishwasher is the epitome of kitchen innovation, balancing style and functionality effortlessly. Rethinking the appearance and functionality of conventional kitchen appliances, the ZLINE dishwasher offers a compelling blend of design and technology that takes home care to the next level.


Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, the Autograph Edition Dishwasher is designed to meet your needs. Its large capacity ensures you can clean up after even the most elaborate dinners. At the same time, the intuitive top control offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the cleaning process. Furthermore, the gold handle and white matte finish ensure this Dishwasher will make a statement in any kitchen design.


And the best part? All this comes with the credibility of the ZLINE brand, a leader in home and kitchen appliances. Known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ZLINE has yet again delivered a device that meets the high expectations of its customers.


Comprehensive Look into Features and Specifications

The ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher doesn’t just impress with its sophisticated aesthetics. Still, it comes packed with features and specifications that truly redefine dishwashing.


  1. 3rd Rack: This extra rack is perfect for long, flat items and frees up valuable space in the bottom two shelves. Designed with a height adjustment feature, the frame can accommodate tall glasses on the top or large pans on the bottom. This additional rack makes the Dishwasher an extra large dishwasher, a perfect fit for homes that often host big gatherings.
  2. Top Control: The smartly positioned control panel prevents accidental start-ups and gives the Dishwasher a sleek, concealed look. The control panel offers multiple washing options and lets you customize each wash cycle to cater to your cleaning needs. Whether it’s a quick rinse for lightly soiled items or a heavy wash for pots and pans, this Dishwasher is designed to tackle all.
  3. Tall Tub Design: This design accommodates more oversized items and allows maximum loading flexibility. The racks are designed with folding tines that can be adjusted to hold dishes of all shapes and sizes, a testament to the Dishwasher’s versatility.
  4. 51dBa Noise Level: The Dishwasher uses advanced insulation technology to dampen noise, ensuring it operates quietly. You can start a cleaning cycle at any time of the day without worrying about disturbing anyone in the house.
  5. White Matte with Gold Handle: The Dishwasher is beautifully finished in a chic white matte that is easy to clean and maintain. The gold handle adds elegance, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen.
  6. Leak Protection System: This extra large Dishwasher has a leak protection system that uses sensors to detect water leaks and automatically shuts off the water supply, protecting your kitchen from water damage.
  7. Delay Start Timer: This feature allows you to program the Dishwasher to start later, offering convenience and flexibility. You can load the Dishwasher and schedule it to start when it’s most convenient.
  8. Durable Stainless Steel Interior: The Dishwasher’s interior is built from high-quality stainless steel, resistant to stains, odors, and rust. This material is also known for its hygienic properties and durability, ensuring the Dishwasher maintains its appearance and performance over time.
  9. Sanitize Option: The Dishwasher includes a sanitizing wash option that eliminates 99.9% of common household bacteria, ensuring your dishes are clean and sanitized.
  10. Automatic Detergent and Rinse Agent Dispenser: The Dishwasher is designed with a dispenser that automatically releases the right amount of detergent and rinse agent during the wash cycle, ensuring optimal cleaning results.

These comprehensive features and specifications make the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Tall Tub Dishwasher with 3rd Rack in White Matte and Gold Handle a standout choice for any homeowner. The attention to detail, functionality, and stylish design prove ZLINE’s commitment to offering premium appliances that combine style, efficiency, and innovation.


Customer Reviews: Hearing from the Users

The ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher has garnered much praise and positive reviews from its users, underlining its superior functionality and exquisite design.


One user exclaimed, “This is hands-down the best Dishwasher I’ve ever owned. Its extra large size accommodates all my dishes in one go, saving me from the hassle of doing multiple rounds. The 3rd rack is a revelation, allowing me to fit even more. It’s also unbelievably quiet. I can run a cycle even when my baby sleeps, and it doesn’t disturb him at all.”


Another review highlighted the aesthetics of the Dishwasher, stating, “The white matte finish with the gold handle looks incredibly stylish. It has added a touch of luxury to my kitchen. Functionality-wise, too, it’s top-notch. The top control panel is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the cleaning power is superb. It’s worth every penny.”


Similarly, a third customer praised the Dishwasher for its ease of use, “The top control panel is straightforward to operate, and there are multiple modes to cater to every need. This Dishwasher takes care of everything effortlessly, whether lightly soiled dishes or heavily greased pots.”


These reviews confirm the Dishwasher’s superior performance, adding credence to the fact that investing in the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24” Tall Tub Dishwasher with 3rd Rack in White Matte and Gold Handle is a decision that homeowners won’t regret.

Pros and Cons

While the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24″ Dishwasher is an exceptional appliance, weighing the pros and cons before purchasing is essential.

  • Increased capacity with 3rd rack and tall tub design
  • Whisper-quiet operation at 51dBa
  • Stylish white matte finish with gold handle
  • High-performance and durable design
  • Higher price point compared to standard dishwashers
  • It may require professional installation                                  


Absolutely! The top control panel is designed for ease and convenience.

The ZLINE dishwasher is 24" expansive, the standard size for most kitchens.

Yes! At 51dBa, the Dishwasher is quieter than a normal conversation.


More than simply an extra-large dishwasher, the ZLINE Autograph Edition 24” 3rd Rack Top Control Tall Tub Dishwasher in White Matte with Gold Handle; it’s an investment in your home, time, and peace of mind. With its luxurious design, superior functionality, and exceptional user reviews, this Dishwasher is undoubtedly worth considering for your kitchen. Upgrade to the ZLINE dishwasher today and transform your dishwashing experience.

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